4 Tips for Every Wedding Photographer Out There

As a photographer, you must be prepared on to what things that you should do or shouldn’t be doing. I have listed here 4 tips that are very important if you are going to be shooting a wedding occasion. It is important that you will be able to know as well as follow these tips.


1. Wear comfortable shoes

I tell you, as a long experienced wedding photographer, you will be moving around a lot. Forget being too formal, forget those awesome black shoes. After all, you are not the one attending the ceremony. You are not an attendee. Well, technically you are, but you are more on the job. If you are wearing stilettos and following the bride and the groom, it will definitely hurt your toes.

2. Take out Uncle Bob early with a sharp elbow to the stomach!

There will always be that “uncle bob” in every weddings. Believe me, I know. There will always be that someone will try take charge or even ruin your photographs. The one who will always jumps at you when you are readying to take a formal picture or even cause others to be unpoised. Because of this, I do take strong charge with the way I do my thing. I am the photographer, I should be confident. Although I do try to thank them for helping and for telling them politely of what I would want or do not want them to do.

3. Don’t run out of juice

This is the most important thing that a photographer should not run out and I am not talking about actual juices but that of your battery. In my experience, one battery is not even enough to cover for the whole wedding coverage. I strongly suggest that you bring lot of batteries with you. I remember this one wedding that I took, I sadly ran out of batteries because I only brought two. I thought that I could only consume two batteries because of the average battery experience that I have experienced. I thought that the occasion is not that long enough. I was so embarrassed telling the bride to take hold of the moments because I still have to send someone to fetch another battery or even buy one. I learned this the hard way. I should not be dependent on only bringing a few battery, I should always be prepared.

4. Don’t run out of memory

Aside from battery, the memory is also an important one. You will not be able to take photos anymore if your memory card or camera memory is already full. Do try to prepare lots and lots of memory card to be able to capture many wedding pictures. There may be certain pictures there that the clients may want to be deleted, their remaining photos may be lessened in result.

These are the 4 tips that every wedding photographers must be able to do. Well, most of these are just common sense and I know that every photographers out there are already aware of this. This is just a reminder that you shouldn’t be able to forget.

8 Things You Don’t Want to Miss Shooting

I love taking photos. Well, as you can see, I am a wedding photographer. I particularly love shooting wedding occasions. I feel that there is something mysterious about shooting wedding that in any other occasions. I am not the one attending the ceremony but with every wedding’s that I do shoot, I can totally feel the love atmosphere. I would feel really delighted to be able to shoot their precious moments. But with every wedding, there are things that you shouldn’t miss shooting. Every little detail is already important.

Here are 8 little things that you shouldn’t want to miss taking a picture:


1. Bride solo

All the brides are beautiful especially on their wedding days. You could see the glow from their cheeks. You could see their wide smile. They look happy. I particularly want to shoot bride solos, from their preparation, make-up, dress, poses, the ceremony, the reception and until the end. As I look at the pictures that I have taken of the bride, I could clearly see their happiness. I can see their nervousness. Physically you may not be able to see these things, but I know it in my pictures and I am glad that I could share it to them, their feelings during their wedding duration.

2. Groom solo

Aside from brides being beautiful, grooms were also handsome. Grooms tend to look cool and mostly joke around during shooting and that’s what I also like. It’s making the shooting very comfortable. I definitely don’t want to miss shooting every groom because I also need to pair up their solos from their brides.

3. The couple’s ring

The ring is the symbol of the couple’s union. This is really symbolic and taking a picture of it before they exchanged vows is really a must for me. It may just be an ordinary thing, a little detail but it is definitely important.

4 The Preacher’s bible

The preacher’s bible is religious in its atmosphere in a sense and when I take a photo of it, it becomes so meaningful. Even if I am not religious, I would still take a picture of the preacher’s bible.

5. The outfits and footwear

I love to take pictures of the different outfits of the attendees as well as their footwear. And when I do take one, I would also blur the face of the wearer. It will make the picture appealing and mystery. And no, I don’t have any weird foot fetish in taking pictures of the footwear. It’s just a matter of photo creativity.

6. The reception

The reception is where all of the attendees gathered to celebrate the union of the newlywed. In that reception, that will be the moment where emotional feelings are now being shared and shown. I also see many emotional faces of the newlywed’s parents and relatives there. Every emotions I wanted to capture and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

7. The foods

I love foods! Pardon me for taking pictures of all the foods serve but I definitely don’t want to miss it. I guess you can say that I am also a food photographer.

8. The Kiss

Ah, the kiss! The rings and the kiss, both are symbolic. The ring that bonds and the kiss of true love. In every wedding, a photograph of the newlywed’s kiss is not anymore optional but a must.

These are the 8 things that I definitely don’t want to miss capturing in my camera. Some of these may be absurd, not to your liking or even optional but capturing photographs of these enhances the photographic memory that I can give to my clients.

A Wedding Photographer’s Checklist


I am a photographer, naturally the camera is the number 1 on my checklist that I shouldn’t be able to forget. Aside from a primary camera, I used a lot of different versions for different quality. We might have different preferences on to what camera’s we are using but it does not really matter. The only trick is your techniques on how you captured your photos.



There are many different lenses and these are just some of the lenses that I always use:

  • 35: Great for wide portraits, anything wider and others.
  • 50: Works well for every part of the day like detail shots, getting ready shots, and tothers. It captures most closely approximates human vision like.
  • 85: Used for ceremonies, speeches, first dance and close ups.
  • 70-200: Widely used for ceremony shots.


  • Tripod: Useful for shots requiring slow shutter speeds. Detail shots in a dark reception hall, or photos of the venue at night.
  • Video Light: A video light is essentially a powerful flash light. Super useful for lighting ring shots and other reception details.
  • Flash: Helpful to take photos from dark area like reception halls.
  • Flash Battery Pack: Useful for situations like first dances and speeches. It makes your flash recycle much faster.
  • Flash Diffuser: It helps soften up direct flash and for when you can’t bounce flash like outside, or extremely tall ceilings.
  • Memory Cards: Make sure that you have enough memory cards to be able to cover the whole wedding. Keep a lot and don’t settle for just a few ones.
  • Camera Bags: Since you will be carrying your gears and camera with you, a camera bag will be very helpful. The bigger the bag is, the more equipments and gadgets you will be able to put inside.
  • Shootsac: The Shootsac bag is great to wear while shooting. It’s basically 6 large neoprene pockets sewn together. There’s plenty of room for a few lenses, memory cards, and spare batteries.
  • Memory Card Wallets: A memory card wallet is something that you should keep on you at all times. When you’ve filled up a card, you can flip it over when you put it back in the wallet so you know it’s used up.
  • Lens Pens: It helps remove smudges and dust from your lenses. It is actually a lifesaver!
  • Spare Batteries: You will ultimately use all up your battery and this is why you will need a lot of spare batteries. Just having one or two is not enough. The wedding may take longer than expected as well as many photos to be taken.
  • Microfiber Towels: These are great for wiping down gear, especially if you’ve had to shoot in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Rocket Blower: It blows dust off the sensor.
  • SensorKlear Pen: If you notice some difficult to remove dust on your sensor this sensor pen will help dislodge it.


Nick Keith’s Photo Blog For Weddings!

I love weddings and this has pushed me into becoming a wedding photographer. You know that feeling when you would want to capture those truly remarkable, awesome, unforgettable, magical, romantic, and joyous and most important moments of someone’s life. That is what I have always dream. To be a part of that moments. Maybe not in the pictures that I have taken but with the experience of being able to capture those. I would really give and do anything just for these moments – and this is why I am what I am today. Well, if only I could shoot my own wedding that would be an achievement.


Being a photographer for me is not just a job and not just a hobby of mine. It is my life. I love the sound of the clicking of the shutter. I love going on different lengths just to shot a certain picture. I love to troll around with my clients and take candid photos of them. I love to instruct them on their poses. I love wacky pictures. I love my assistants assisting me during my shoot. I love all of it.

I will always remember the first time that I was able to hold my DSLR camera. I was very happy. It was like, all of the moments, I could easily take a shot of them. Getting my first DSLR was pretty hard. It cost quite a lot. And with all of its gears and other accessories, its cost get higher and higher and with all those different prices in different stores. Although, it would still seem a pretty beneficial and worthy investment.

The first experience that I was able to shoot a wedding, it was oh, so glorious! I remember being nervous. I was afraid that the photos I took was a failure. I was afraid that I would screw. I was afraid that I would screw everything. My feelings then lasted not until the end of the wedding but only until I was able to see the pictures that I have taken in my camera. I showed it to my client and boy, what a joy it was! They loved the pictures that I took. I am happy that I was able to give them the shots of their precious moments. I love how they complimented my work and encouraged me to do more.

Because of that experience, I feel the urge to continue. This is the path that I must take. This is what I have always wanted to do. With my experiences as a wedding photographer, I would like to share them to you, my viewers and future clients. This website is dedicated to teach you all about the different things that you need to learn about photography as well as tips from me. I am hoping that I will be able to give you satisfying the information’s about being a wedding photographer. Go over through my web pages and you will see different occasions from different clients and different experiences that I have experienced. You will know that being a photographer is definitely a worthy job.

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