The Different Types of Wedding Photographers

We want the best for the “special day” of our lives — getting married! We want perfection from the planning and preparation stage, to the guest list and invitation, wedding motif and wedding gowns, choosing the type of wedding photographers to hire, plus a lot more factors to consider. Preparing a wedding is not something that can done overnight or in a short span of time. It should be planned in details with the right amount of time.

With so many details to focus, let’s take one: choosing the different types of wedding photographers for your big day. What’s your preference? Do you want a traditional shots with a vintage touch or something high fashion like a commercial wedding photographer do? Take a look below:

Documentary Wedding Photographers

If you want to showcase the wedding like a documentary and showing behind the scenes detail capturing the action as it happens, the documentary wedding photographer is right for you. This type of photographer shoots candid moments unobtrusively will at one point or another. It’s all about telling the story more using the images being shot from a completely different perspective. It will give you pure documentary coverage of your wedding day.

Illustrative Wedding Photographer

Do you aspire for a blend of traditional and photojournalistic effect with greater emphasis on the lighting and background? Illustrative wedding photographer is perfect for you. This type of photographer is just as much about the location as it is the couple and will integrate the use of interesting environment with the subjects. A garden wedding is the best theme for this type of photography to greatly emphasize the overall feel of the venue. It captures candid shots while offering the technical control of posed shots.

Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Do you want to make photos that push beyond documentary and into art? Or maybe a combination of this wedding photography concept? Bottomline, fine art wedding photography is BEAUTIFUL (all caps). Fine art wedding photographers shoot with film, which has a different look and feel than digital. You are rest assured that your photos will not look like anyone else’s.

Commercial Wedding Photographers

Striking, simple photographs that dramatize the subject is what a commercial wedding photographer captures. When choosing this type of photographer, go for someone with high fashion experience. It’s not just about art but also to show your wedding dress in glamourous way.

Traditional Wedding Photographer

Do you want nothing wacky or too artistic but only classic, timeless style that with greater emphasis on portrait albums? Traditional wedding photographers pay close attentions to the details of the day. Keeping things simple and in line with what a traditional wedding should be.

Overwhelmed with the abovementioned types of wedding photographers? I feel you. :)

But then, to make everything perfect, you need to consider every tiny details for your wedding plans. Whether you want a documentary, illustrative, fine art, commercial or traditional type of wedding photos, the main thing is that you prepare the things according to what you and your groom or bride wants.

Tips on Hiring a Documentary Wedding Photographer


That special moment of your life has come – you’re going to get married!

Now, marriage is a sacred and significant part of one’s life. You are getting ready to share the rest of your life with your other half, whatever the circumstances that may come your way. With that notion, wedding ceremonies are indeed crucial events and they must be prepared with much planning and deliberation.

First up, it is essential to know what you prefer, from little details to the major ones. You must follow your heart, as they say. From choosing the wedding hall to bridesmaids to invitations to the photographer and to your wedding dress, you must always have the final say. Do not let others pressure your decisions because in the end, you’re the one who must be satisfied because it is your day and you have to totally love and enjoy it, of course.

Needless to say, one important factor in your wedding ceremony will be the photographer. He or she will be in charge of capturing the moments you will definitely treasure forever. With that, when you pick your wedding photographer, as said before, it should be of utmost reflection and consideration. In the future, when you look at the pictures of your wedding day, it should always make you feel like you’re reliving it all over again. You must take this into account, for you don’t want to be regretting this in the time to come, don’t you? Pictures are powerful portals of our memories so a photographer that takes them wonderfully is one you should invest in.

So, how do you hire a wedding photographer?

You can fish for recommendations from friends and family or look someone up on the Internet. Compile a list so that you will easily have alternatives when you’re not contented with the first ones.It would be great to narrow it down too to wedding photographers so that you’re assured that they know what they’re doing.

When you go through each photographer, you must study their style and see if it’s an approach you want for your wedding. Really, follow your heart. If you think his or her images don’t please you, you can always move over to the next one.

See to it as well that you’re able to communicate well with the photographer. As much as this is a business transaction, this is also a collaboration and it is best that you harmoniously work with each other. Convey your wishes to him or her and ensure that he or she listens toand respects them.Aside fromthe photographer’s skill and expertise, it is very necessary that you are comfortable with him or her, especially in taking your pictures. Get to know him or her and study how he or she works and performs his duties as your photographer.

A notable wedding photographer Northants would be Scott-Wood Photography Cambridge. It is run by a professional, Kevin, and he photographs and documents weddings wherever it may be. You can try him out as well.

Marriage will not only be just the wedding itself, but it won’t hurt making a fuss and indulging yourself on your wedding day. It is a special, special, SPECIAL day after all.

The Right Wedding Photographer

Congratulations you are engaged!

The next daunting task is preparations for the big day. As I am a photographer myself, I will be writing my unbiased tips for choosing the best or perfect wedding photographer to immortalize your joyous event.

The initial point to take into consideration has to be the digital photographer’s work. Do you like the wedding celebration photography they have shot? Is there a big  section of pictures for you to check out. Any individual could grab the blessed impressive chance, so do not base your decision on simply a number of fantastic images, see to it you can see bunches of instances of images you

Put cost and previous work at the initial meeting. Truthfully your special day is a big day of your life, weddings are not cheap, they take bunches of planning, bunches of love and ought to be just one of the most effective days of your life. The effort and price that’s gone into the day, the only thing that could be kept for the rest of your life, memories and the images. They are so crucial.

There are a great deal of things to believe regarding your wedding event, so there has to be a spending plan. Wedding  photography could cost truly anything from £ 100- £10,000. Bear in mind, a complete day  photography is 10 hours on the day, and for me at least, multiple wedding conferences, functioning out and keying in up plans, venue visits, 2 weeks modifying the pictures, on the internet galleries to do, an evening dedicated to showing the couple the wedding photos, the petroleum expenses, the devices prices- professional photographers should have 2 video cameras- SLR electronic cameras not fire and point (another scary tale I’ve been told) 2 lenses, lots of cam electric batteries, memory cards, a computer system etc and so on.

Do you like your professional photographer and get along well with them? They will go to your wedding event all or the majority of the day, you’ll need an efficient connection to really feel comfy with your quite important couple tries, and they will have to have the ability to rally every person up and obtain them smiling for group tries! Make certain you like the photographer.

Do they have a wedding event photography call? If so read all of it the way through and don’t wait to ask any kind of inquiries! Discover deposits, last settlements and time scales on receiving your images/album.

If you have more questions? Just email me or put it in the comments below. I would love to help you.

Wedding: A List in Preparation for the Cost

Part of planning for your wedding is the budgeting. Choosing the perfect venue, dress, photographer and many more  requires massive decision making because a lot of things have to be considered. Take a look at this infographic below as it shows you the different aspects of a wedding’s costs. Remember, knowing this will make you better prepared, less stress and surely, you would be enjoying that precious day.

The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist Infographic