A Wedding Photographer’s Checklist


I am a photographer, naturally the camera is the number 1 on my checklist that I shouldn’t be able to forget. Aside from a primary camera, I used a lot of different versions for different quality. We might have different preferences on to what camera’s we are using but it does not really matter. The only trick is your techniques on how you captured your photos.



There are many different lenses and these are just some of the lenses that I always use:

  • 35: Great for wide portraits, anything wider and others.
  • 50: Works well for every part of the day like detail shots, getting ready shots, and tothers. It captures most closely approximates human vision like.
  • 85: Used for ceremonies, speeches, first dance and close ups.
  • 70-200: Widely used for ceremony shots.


  • Tripod: Useful for shots requiring slow shutter speeds. Detail shots in a dark reception hall, or photos of the venue at night.
  • Video Light: A video light is essentially a powerful flash light. Super useful for lighting ring shots and other reception details.
  • Flash: Helpful to take photos from dark area like reception halls.
  • Flash Battery Pack: Useful for situations like first dances and speeches. It makes your flash recycle much faster.
  • Flash Diffuser: It helps soften up direct flash and for when you can’t bounce flash like outside, or extremely tall ceilings.
  • Memory Cards: Make sure that you have enough memory cards to be able to cover the whole wedding. Keep a lot and don’t settle for just a few ones.
  • Camera Bags: Since you will be carrying your gears and camera with you, a camera bag will be very helpful. The bigger the bag is, the more equipments and gadgets you will be able to put inside.
  • Shootsac: The Shootsac bag is great to wear while shooting. It’s basically 6 large neoprene pockets sewn together. There’s plenty of room for a few lenses, memory cards, and spare batteries.
  • Memory Card Wallets: A memory card wallet is something that you should keep on you at all times. When you’ve filled up a card, you can flip it over when you put it back in the wallet so you know it’s used up.
  • Lens Pens: It helps remove smudges and dust from your lenses. It is actually a lifesaver!
  • Spare Batteries: You will ultimately use all up your battery and this is why you will need a lot of spare batteries. Just having one or two is not enough. The wedding may take longer than expected as well as many photos to be taken.
  • Microfiber Towels: These are great for wiping down gear, especially if you’ve had to shoot in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Rocket Blower: It blows dust off the sensor.
  • SensorKlear Pen: If you notice some difficult to remove dust on your sensor this sensor pen will help dislodge it.


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