4 Tips for Every Wedding Photographer Out There

As a photographer, you must be prepared on to what things that you should do or shouldn’t be doing. I have listed here 4 tips that are very important if you are going to be shooting a wedding occasion. It is important that you will be able to know as well as follow these tips.


1. Wear comfortable shoes

I tell you, as a long experienced wedding photographer, you will be moving around a lot. Forget being too formal, forget those awesome black shoes. After all, you are not the one attending the ceremony. You are not an attendee. Well, technically you are, but you are more on the job. If you are wearing stilettos and following the bride and the groom, it will definitely hurt your toes.

2. Take out Uncle Bob early with a sharp elbow to the stomach!

There will always be that “uncle bob” in every weddings. Believe me, I know. There will always be that someone will try take charge or even ruin your photographs. The one who will always jumps at you when you are readying to take a formal picture or even cause others to be unpoised. Because of this, I do take strong charge with the way I do my thing. I am the photographer, I should be confident. Although I do try to thank them for helping and for telling them politely of what I would want or do not want them to do.

3. Don’t run out of juice

This is the most important thing that a photographer should not run out and I am not talking about actual juices but that of your battery. In my experience, one battery is not even enough to cover for the whole wedding coverage. I strongly suggest that you bring lot of batteries with you. I remember this one wedding that I took, I sadly ran out of batteries because I only brought two. I thought that I could only consume two batteries because of the average battery experience that I have experienced. I thought that the occasion is not that long enough. I was so embarrassed telling the bride to take hold of the moments because I still have to send someone to fetch another battery or even buy one. I learned this the hard way. I should not be dependent on only bringing a few battery, I should always be prepared.

4. Don’t run out of memory

Aside from battery, the memory is also an important one. You will not be able to take photos anymore if your memory card or camera memory is already full. Do try to prepare lots and lots of memory card to be able to capture many wedding pictures. There may be certain pictures there that the clients may want to be deleted, their remaining photos may be lessened in result.

These are the 4 tips that every wedding photographers must be able to do. Well, most of these are just common sense and I know that every photographers out there are already aware of this. This is just a reminder that you shouldn’t be able to forget.

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