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Getting the Best Images

Getting the Best Images

When organising any wedding there are many things you have to plan for.  The venue, the caterers, whether to have the ceremony at a church or registrars office, the flowers, the car and of course the wedding  photographer.

Unless you have a specific photographer in mind or one has been especially recommended to you, it is very difficult to know whether the company you select  is proficient enough to entrust with the photographic record of wedding day.  Unlike most other events a wedding has several unique aspects which, only happen once and if not photographed properly first time, cannot be restaged or recovered in other ways.  This makes the job of the wedding photographer a very responsible one.  In a way we are entrusted with the preservation of peoples memories and often our work will be valued  many years from now.

So how do you go about selecting the right  wedding photographer?

Firstly your photographer must be technically proficient, able to deal with the varying light levels and restricted angles often encountered in taking photographs at weddings. This is particularly true of church weddings where there are frequently restrictions put upon the photographer by the Minister performing the ceremony, these include the prohibition of flash photography and tight restrictions as to where and when  the photographer can stand at certain times during the ceremony . In addition churches  frequently have restricted light levels and interrupted sight-lines which make the job of the wedding photographer even more challenging.

Because of these difficulties it is important to choose a wedding photographer who has photographed a wide variety of weddings and hopefully seen most of the problems and restrictions before, to the extent that he or she knows how to circumvent them.  Even civil ceremonies can have their problems, a good case in point is Brighton Pavilion, which despite being  a fantastic wedding venue, poses many challenges for the photographer.  The sumptuously decorated rooms are poorly lit and  dark red in colour, which makes taking really good photographs something of a challenge for even the most experienced photographer.  Im happy to say that we at  i-clic have taken many great photographs at the Pavilion, although we usually have to use additional lighting to obtain the best pictures.

Wedding couple-Brighton Pavilion

Another important aspect in choosing a wedding photographer in selecting somebody who has the social skills and common sense to deal with all the different types of people you encounter at a typical wedding.  A good wedding photographer will organise everybody, particularly at the time of taking the formal wedding photographs, in a sensitive and unobtrusive way. To do this he or she needs to be firmly in charge of the situation without imposing unduly, this is a difficult balance to achieve and again a photographer of experience is far more likely to be able to manage this than an enthusiastic amateur who photographs the occasional wedding at weekends. A good wedding photographer  will often use two photographers during the most critical parts of the wedding.  I.e. the wedding ceremony itself and the formal family and friends photographs immediately afterwards.  This has several advantages, first two photographers are more able to capture each part of the wedding more thoroughly as they are working from two different angles and frequently using different lenses.  Second in the very unlikely event of equipment failure two photographers insure that if the worst does happen there are always good photographs of the most crucial parts of the wedding day.  Thirdly two photographers are particularly useful when taking the formal photographs as one can be taking the actual images while the other is helping get everybody together in the best possible surroundings and groupings in the least possible time.

To sum up the best way of getting a good wedding photographer who can be relied upon to take the very best photographs irrespective of bad weather, bad light and bad luck, is to select a firm  with wide ranging experience and skilful committed photographers. To this end it is vital to meet the actual photographer who you will be using on the day and use your best judgement as to whether he or she would be somebody who you would like to have at your wedding.  Ask lots of questions and of course look closely at their portfolio of work both on their website and ask them to bring a collection of her work when you meet them.

At  i-clic photography we believe we more than exceed the above recommendations and look forward to speaking to you soon and making a fantastic photographic record of your very special day.