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I love weddings and this has pushed me into becoming a wedding photographer. You know that feeling when you would want to capture those truly remarkable, awesome, unforgettable, magical, romantic, and joyous and most important moments of someone’s life. That is what I have always dream. To be a part of that moments. Maybe not in the pictures that I have taken but with the experience of being able to capture those. I would really give and do anything just for these moments – and this is why I am what I am today. Well, if only I could shoot my own wedding that would be an achievement.


Being a photographer for me is not just a job and not just a hobby of mine. It is my life. I love the sound of the clicking of the shutter. I love going on different lengths just to shot a certain picture. I love to troll around with my clients and take candid photos of them. I love to instruct them on their poses. I love wacky pictures. I love my assistants assisting me during my shoot. I love all of it.

I will always remember the first time that I was able to hold my DSLR camera. I was very happy. It was like, all of the moments, I could easily take a shot of them. Getting my first DSLR was pretty hard. It cost quite a lot. And with all of its gears and other accessories, its cost get higher and higher and with all those different prices in different stores. Although, it would still seem a pretty beneficial and worthy investment.

The first experience that I was able to shoot a wedding, it was oh, so glorious! I remember being nervous. I was afraid that the photos I took was a failure. I was afraid that I would screw. I was afraid that I would screw everything. My feelings then lasted not until the end of the wedding but only until I was able to see the pictures that I have taken in my camera. I showed it to my client and boy, what a joy it was! They loved the pictures that I took. I am happy that I was able to give them the shots of their precious moments. I love how they complimented my work and encouraged me to do more.

Because of that experience, I feel the urge to continue. This is the path that I must take. This is what I have always wanted to do. With my experiences as a wedding photographer, I would like to share them to you, my viewers and future clients. This website is dedicated to teach you all about the different things that you need to learn about photography as well as tips from me. I am hoping that I will be able to give you satisfying the information’s about being a wedding photographer. Go over through my web pages and you will see different occasions from different clients and different experiences that I have experienced. You will know that being a photographer is definitely a worthy job.

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